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Kids Goodie Bags from Crafti’s are Eco friendly paper goodie bags that are packed full of exciting activities. Designed to be highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable for children ages 3 upwards. These Kids Goodie Bags are printed in bright and funky designs that are created by our specialist team of designers. With modern themes and up to date styling, they are entertaining and eye catching. In the main, our Kids Goodie Bags contain stickers, crosswords, stencil sets, 3D animals, crayons and much more. We do offer the facility for bags to be tailored, with our bespoke offering. This allows you to choose the contents for your bags. Quantity permitting. We also offer the facility for you to have the kids goodie bags branded, or printed with your own designs.

Typically used to entertain large numbers of children, our kids goodie bags are the answer to most parent’s dreams. They allow you relax, whilst knowing that your children have something safe to occupy their minds. We don’t just focus on the short term entertainment though. Here at Craftis, it is all about the children. We have therefore ensured that all of our Kids Goodie Bags are 100% recyclable. So that we have the peace of mind that the enjoyment we are providing with our products is not at the cost of future for our children.

Crafti’s has seen rapid growth and market penetration through the energetic involvement of our dedicated team of professionals. All of which are highly focused on the desires of our customers, and the children that they entertain. With one eye on the children and the other on the environment, we have a truly balanced company ethos.

Crafti’s specialise in the ……providing ………. If you would like further information on our Kids Goodie Bags, or any of the other products that provide, one of our team will be happy to help. Just e-mail  or call us on the number above.