Kid’s Packs

Our exciting range of kid’s packs is just what your organisation needs! Brightly coloured and eye catching, they are packed full of fun activities which are also educational. Have you ever considered how much time is spent placating anxious children whilst waiting for a meal in a restaurant or for things to get going at a special event? Many frustrated parents could give you an idea, but help is at hand! Solve the problem by presenting each child with our amazing kid’s packs which will keep them occupied for hours on end! But what are the benefits of this? The answer to this is a relatively simple one – happy parents!  Parents will relish the stress free environment provided by our kid’s packs and this will in turn increase their spending power. So, as a result, your revenue will increase – it’s a win, win situation!

Choose from our BB003 range which carries themes of Farm, Pet, Safari and Zoo or why not try our BB004 range, Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Transport & Circus? Equal amounts of each design come in each pack. All of our kid’s packs come pre-filled with varying contents, but will generally include an activity sheet, stencils and paper, stickers  and crayons.. All contents is of exceptional quality and the entire pack is made from materials which are one hundred per cent recyclable – so we can promise fun, education and saving the environment in one handy bag!

A number of our clients also use our kid’s packs as an alternative to birthday party goody bags. Take the stress out of some of your party organizing by opting for a choice of children’s party bags – it will save you precious time and money. We can also provide a range of coordinating products to continue your party theme. Our kid’s packs are excellent value for money and a cost effective way to boost your revenue. As a result, let us introduce you to our range which includes larger kid’s packs to cater for our party clients - these come in a range of both Fairy Princess and Pirate themes. We can also supply children’s bags for those special times of the year such as Christmas and Halloween, together with those orders specifically for party and wedding organizers.

Find full details of our kid’s packs on our web site. Packed full of information, why not take your time to browse our on line catalogue and see what we can do for you. Can’t find what you are looking for? Then don’t worry, our specialist design team will be able to assist you with a more bespoke service. Their friendly and professional advice will help you decide on the theme that is right for you. A quotation can be provided detailing design, quantities and delivery time scales. Don’t forget to visit our customer testimonial section, where you can catch up on the latest comments from our valued clients!