Children's Chef's Hats (CH002)

Keep the children happy and entertained with our fantastic yet fun range of Bizzi Hats. Children love wearing hats and the fact that these hats need the child to design and colour them in just makes them even more special!

Bizzi Hats have exciting designs on each side for children to colour in and make the hat stand out in a crowd, each hat has different size options and can simply be adjusted to fit any little head! The hats will keep children entertained whilst eating out & they never forget where they are given an activity generating you more repeat business.

Eating out with children can be very stressful for parents so if you’re looking at offering a fun & unique product to your customers these Bizzi Hats will make a difference. You will only have happy & content children and families leaving your restaurant with their funky hats on!

Packed in a case of 600, includes three designs (200 of each). 21p each.


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