Bizzi Food Carriers

Our new and exciting food carrier is just what you need to make a child’s lunch time fun!

The bag is the activity as it is covered with puzzles, jokes, facts, games and crosswords.

Colour in & make your own face mask and design your own door hanger to take home. Keeping children entertained and happy whilst eating out or on the go is what Crafti’s Bizzi Bag food carrier is designed to do. Each bag includes a pack of 4 coloured crayons inside. No longer will there be restless children at tables.

Bizzi food bags can be made up and ready to go making your hectic meal times easy. With its large opening and deeper base you will easily fit all food items comfortably inside.

Brightly coloured this bag will turn into a fun toy that children will no doubt use at home to carry dolls or cars in afterwards!

With over 15 activities to do you will have very happy & content children leaving after lunch!


Click on the image for a closer view.